Optimised airfreight packaging - passive and activ

We will gladly help you out with a range of thermal covers, prequalified passive packaging solutions and suitable data loggers from a variety of manufacturers. You can choose these in our online shop or in the run-up to our operational handling of your airfreight consignment. 

One special feature is our packaging simulator, which uses your logistic data to calculate the optimum package size. This cuts freight costs by minimising "chargeable weight".

If you need even more security, we have our own roller bed that allows us to handle all actively cooled standard containers directly in our pharma warehouse. This reduces the number of interfaces, protects your products and optimises your process.



You would like to store with us but use your own sea freight forwarder? No problem, then we will only take care of the picking and professional stowage of your sea freight container for you - just as you need it. We use modern and waste-reduced load securing systems for this. The goods remain undamaged and your consignee is happy about easy unloading without major disposal.