More than 100 years of experience with biologics

Where we come from

Pharmaserv Logistics, the logistics brand of Pharmaserv GmbH, can look back on a past that is steeped in tradition. As site operators and owners of the Behringwerke pharma and biotech park, Pharmaserv and its infrastructure services ensure that blood products and vaccines are still successfully manufactured in Marburg today.



In 1901, Emil von Behring (1854–1917) receives the first Nobel Prize for Medicine for developing a serum therapy to treat diphtheria. He founds “Behringwerke OHG” in 1904.



The company is renamed Behringwerke GmbH and focuses on the production and distribution of diphtheria and tetanus serum.



A takeover agreement is concluded with I.G. Farbenindustrie AG.



Behringwerke becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Farbwerke Hoechst AG.



The company’s focus shifts to researching and developing processes for separating and cleaning human blood plasma.



Development and production of vaccines against polio (childhood paralysis), German measles, mumps, measles and influenza.


The company successfully enters the market for diagnostic systems.



The process of splitting Behringwerke AG into spin-offs for blood products, vaccines, diagnostic equipment and infrastructural services begins.



The Behringwerke real estate and the staff in the infrastructure departments are transferred to Infraserv GmbH & Co. Marburg KG. A site operator is born.



Infraserv is renamed Pharmaserv Marburg GmbH & Co. KG. and becomes the first site operator to specialise exclusively in pharmaceuticals.



Management buy-out by the management board and three strategic consultants, as a result of which 6 private persons become the owners of Pharmaserv. Holding Infrareal GmbH is established with the intention of acquiring additional sites. 

The former “logistic product family” is taken over by Dr. Martin Egger. Works transport and site warehouse expanded to create a specialised pharma logistics facility.


“M483”, the first GMP storage facility for pharmaceutical raw materials, is constructed at the Marburg site.



Further development as “lead logistics provider” by undertaking central transport management in EU trucking with qualified freight forwarders.



Expansion of GMP warehouse for storing and handling finished pharmaceuticals at 15° to 25°C and 2° to 8°C; it is now known as building “M484”.



Pharmapark Jena is taken over by Infrareal GmbH.



The establishment of the logistics brand “Pharmaserv Logistics” lays the foundations for future growth, also away from the sites operated by the company.



The construction of the new pharma distribution centre “M486” doubles the GMP warehousing available.



The previous managing partners switch to Holding Infrareal GmbH. The three heads of the facilities, technology and logistics divisions are appointed to the new management board of Pharmaserv GmbH.



GMP storage spaces doubles following the construction of a new airfreight hub and pharmaceutical storage facility in Gross-Gerau. Pharmaserv is also repositioned under the slogan “Experts for biologics”. This follows the clear specialisation of the company’s pharma logistics services in blood products, vaccines and insulins.



Commissioning of the third branch in Giessen-Lützellinden. With the three temperature ranges -20°C, 2°-8°C and 15°-25°C and an Autostore facility, fine order picking for our wholesale division is strengthened and our storage space offering is further expanded.


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