Freight Solutions

Comprehensive freight solutions

Increasing demands on transport and shipping logistics throughout the pharmaceutical and biotech environment require reliable partners. Some consignees or loading points cannot be served or can only be served very poorly with a standard 40-ton truck. This is where our vehicle concept of qualified 11- and 18-ton trucks, which have their own tail lift, comes in. This makes it possible to load and unload even at loading points that are difficult to access.

GDP-compliant FTL and LTL transports

With qualified and approved carriers as well as our own fleet of vehicles, we easily cover a range of services from general cargo to complete truck loads. Well over 1500 trucks of various sizes, designed for the temperature ranges of 2°-8°C and 15°-25°C, are qualified and approved.

In order to cover as broad a spectrum as possible, Pharmaserv Logistics offers you all relevant vehicle types with its own truck fleet - from small vehicles with special pharmaceutical bodies to high-security pharmaceutical trailers.

Control Tower concept

If you wish, we can also handle the entire scheduling, tracking and communication of your transport management. If you wish, we can use different real-time data logger systems from various manufacturers and enable you to track routes and temperatures in real time. This way you can keep an eye on all your relevant transport parameters.

And if, contrary to expectations, a temperature deviation should occur, Pharmaserv Logistics will also take care of the insurance settlement with the carriers for you.

Our own vehicle fleet for special requirements

You need reliable partners to cope with the increasing demands made of transport and delivery logistics in all parts of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Some receivers or loading bays may be difficult or impossible to access with standard 40-ton trucks. This is where our vehicle concept comes in – we operate a fleet of qualified 11-ton and 18-ton vehicles with tailgates which allow us to load and unload even at bays that are difficult to access.

Air freight handling

We can also offer you operational handling of your consignments: From the selection of the suitable air freight forwarder, the preparation of the airway bill, the complete import or export handling to the pre-carriage to the airport, Pharmaserv Logistics provides you with full service from a single source. Efficient, because we store in the direct vicinity of Frankfurt Airport.

Do you need to ship your high-value finished medicines by air freight? You have no official status and your goods are unsafe in terms of air freight? Then you have come to the right place! We offer you the full range of services for your pharmaceutical air freight:


  • Order processing from a single source
  • Collection of your consignment and GDP-compliant transport to our Airfreight Hub
  • GMP-compliant interim storage
  • Provision of suitable pre-qualified airfreight packaging 
  • X-ray under GMP conditions 
  • Selection of a suitable airfreight forwarder
  • GDP-compliant shuttle transports 
  • Advice on suitable shipping solutions
  • Support with lane validation and its risk management

Sea freight handling

Expect the selection of the best sea freight forwarder, professional and waste-optimized stowage of the container with a special air-cushion-based cargo securing system as well as the entire document management. 

The partners we select always keep an eye on your sensitive products along the supply chain, because seamless temperature monitoring is essential for temperature-sensitive products. 

Use one of the most economical ways to transport your biologicals and finished medicinal products worldwide - sea freight. If you are not in a hurry, sea freight offers you clear advantages: Proven, reliable, more CO²-friendly than air freight and it allows for significant cost savings.

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