Transport Management

Transport Management – but with added value

As a lead logistics provider, we handle your GDP transports using both our own vehicles and drivers and those of our approved partners. That means we can provide transport management services throughout Germany, Europe and parts of the Middle East and North Africa – all from one source.

The advantage for you is obvious: you have just one interface, one contact, and one supplier to audit. We manage all subcontractors and deal with everything from audits and trailer qualification to contracts and quality assurance agreements.

Real-time monitoring

If you wish, we can also deal with all scheduling, tracking and communication requirements for your transport management. For this, we can use a number of real-timer data logger systems from various manufacturers, enabling you to track current locations and temperature variations in real time. That means you can confidently monitor all key transport parameters.


Our own vehicle fleet for special requirements

You need reliable partners to cope with the increasing demands made of transport and delivery logistics in all parts of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Some receivers or loading bays may be difficult or impossible to access with standard 40-ton trucks. This is where our vehicle concept comes in – we operate a fleet of qualified 11-ton and 18-ton vehicles with tailgates which allow us to load and unload even at bays that are difficult to access.

Flexible transport management

We can easily cover product quantities ranging from one package to a full truck with our own vehicle fleet and a network of audited and approved freight carriers. Well over 1,500 trucks of various sizes equipped for temperature ranges of 2-8°C and 15-25°C have been inspected and approved.

Our dispatchers look for the best transport management for you so that you can give all your attention to the design of your supply chain. This enables you to manage your supply chain smoothly. Particularly when everything doesn’t quite go to plan.

> 1.500

qualified trailers

> 10

approved freight forwarders


own vehicles

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