Production logistics

A new take on GMP production logistics

With GMP production logistics provided by Pharmaserv Logistics, you can focus entirely on your pharmaceutical production. We deal with everything else at your request!

We receive and store your pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients and active ingredients under controlled conditions and carry out sampling for you in our clean rooms. Our sampling staff have been specially trained for this purpose.

The production supplies you need are delivered by ourselves or our transport partners. We deliver them pre-packed to your production facility as required – in some cases to a specific sluice or at a specific time.

Raw materials stream

Receiving and storing your pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients and active ingredients. Sampling carried out in clean room conditions by our own sampling personnel.

Production accessories stream

Receiving and storing your production accessories. Picking, removal and disposal of outer packaging, labelling, final packing and just-in-time delivery to your production sluice, several times a day if required.

Wholesale stream

Do you also purchase laboratory and production consumables from As a GMP production logistics customer, you can combine the delivery of these.

Picking and packing production supplies

After you have sent a production call-off, our employees pick the products you have requested. We remove the outer packaging and dispose of it for you. All the products scheduled for delivery are then labelled, stacked in special easy-to-clean transport containers and delivered to your production sluice.


Consignment warehouse on site

Another way to get your production and laboratory consumables delivered efficiently and reliably is to order them from us at The selected materials are then stored on site for you. They can be called using a special app which also manages replenishments.


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