Lead logistics provider

Many pharma and biotech companies have already placed their trust in a reliable “lead logistics provider”, LLP for short, who can deal with all their logistics requirements. LLPs have their own qualified warehouses and vehicles and handle certain logistic processes like a “3PL”, but like a “4PL”, they also manage specific services offered by other providers.

It goes without saying that we have the resources necessary for this, such as the appropriate competence and technical infrastructure. This means we can ensure that all the services rendered are transparent, reliable and cost-optimised.


Your advantages at a glance

Simplified order processing

Because you only need one central contact.

Less time and effort spent on supplier approval and audits

Because we are the only supplier your QM has to monitor. Our quality assurance department assumes responsibility for all other supplier audits and agreements besides handling trailer qualifications.

You can find out more about our quality management and our certifications at www.pharmaserv.de

One-stop expertise for all kinds of markets

Because various service providers are contracted under our management.

No need to do your own disposition

Because we do all the disposition, monitoring and billing for your outgoing shipments.

No need to source your own freight services

We regularly issue calls for freight tenders and bundle our transport volumes, which means we can get excellent prices even for small customers.

Maximum flexibility and security

If one link in the chain experiences a bottleneck, we can switch to another qualified partner at short notice or deploy our own equipment and assets.

Focus on your core business

As your “leading logistics provider”, you can safely entrust your logistics tasks to us – either in full or on a modular basis. We will then deal with them for you. That gives you time to focus on your core business!


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