How specialised logistics solutions can help medium-sized companies supply their emerging markets.

Improve your performance on new markets. With Pharmaserv Logistics.

You are supplying your home markets in exemplary fashion. However, you still need that critical extra expertise to open up new markets as successfully as possible. In this case, you can put your trust in the extensive expertise and international logistics network offered by Pharmaserv Logistics.

A sophisticated infrastructure and individual ideas for implementing your individual processes. Pharmaserv Logistics' biotech distribution platform is your added value, ensuring that even small batches always arrive safely. Reach your targets and you will also reach Martha's family in Brazil.

Your challenge
You want to set high growth targets on new international markets.
You need external logistics expertise to supplement your existing knowledge.
You also have to transport small batches quickly and safely over long distances.
You want to minimise the conflict between rising cost pressure and increasing compliance requirements (GMP, GDP, counterfeit protection etc.).
Our solution
Advice and assistance with internationalising your logistics
Adherence to your high quality standards with years of experience and extensive certification
Scalable comprehensive solutions for all your company's international logistics
Implementation of both individual process steps and your entire pharma logistics system
Maximum transparency with supply chain visibility
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