How global players respond to increasing demands for efficiency and quality in the field of pharma logistics.

Inspiration and innovation for your supply chain. With Pharmaserv Logistics.

Your company is growing, and with it the complexity of your tasks. More efficient, innovative logistic solutions are required to adapt to global warehousing and distribution structures. Solutions that prevent problems before they arise.

Pharmaserv Logistics' flexible, freely scalable biotech distribution platform ensures that your medicines are transported and stored safely in strict compliance with all quality criteria. Our knowledge of the increasingly important topic of serialisation is equally extensive: here too, you can put your trust in our expertise, and be sure that all country-specific requirements are complied with, also with respect to the medicine for Ms. Wegmayer from Zurich.

Your challenge
Increasing complexity is forcing you to adapt your distribution structures
You expect greater efficiency and quality in your supply chain
You want to break into new emerging markets
You have to comply with country-specific regulations in the face of cost pressure
You are distributing more and more small batches
Our solution
Flexible national and international distribution concepts, also for smaller batches, thanks to our biotech distribution platform
Well thought out, efficient general cargo and LTL solutions
Compliance with the latest regulatory requirements
Comprehensive advice and support on serialisation and optimising your logistics processes
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