Airfreight – fast and safe

You need to send your high-grade finished pharmaceuticals by airfreight? You have no official status and your products are classified as unsafe in airfreight terms? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer you the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical airfreight services:

  • Order fulfilment from one source
  • Shipment collection and GDP-compliant transport to our airfreight hub
  • GMP-compliant interim storage
  • Provision of suitable pre-qualified airfreight packaging 
  • X-rays in GMP conditions 
  • Selecting the best airfreight forwarder
  • GDP-compliant shuttle transport 
  • Advice on suitable dispatch solutions
  • Assistance with lane validation and risk management

Secure airfreight is our gold standard!

Transport your sensitive products safely and competently to their destination country and cut out the extensive airport checks. Pharmaserv Logistics has been certified as a "Regulated Agent" by the Federal Aviation Office since 2010. Even though safety standards are being stepped up, Pharmaserv Logistics is able to transport goods directly for loading on board the plane – with no other time-consuming security checks at the airport. This authorisation and the use of authorised transporters guarantees that Pharmaserv Logistics will maintain a continuous security chain for your airfreight consignments.

For all other companies which are not “known consignors”, we offer one-stop x-ray processing in GMP conditions.

Optimised airfreight packaging – passive and active

We will gladly help you out with a range of thermal covers, pre-qualified passive packaging solutions and suitable data loggers from a variety of manufacturers. You can choose these in our online shop or in the run-up to our operational handling of your airfreight consignment.

If you need even more security, we have our own roller bed that allows us to handle all actively cooled standard containers directly in our pharma warehouse. This reduces the number of interfaces, protects your products and optimises your process.

One special feature is our packaging simulator, which uses your logistic data to calculate the optimum package size. This cuts freight costs by minimising “chargeable weight”.

Airfreight handling – including customs

We can also deal with the operational handling of your shipments: from choosing a suitable airfreight carrier and issuing the air waybill to import/export formalities and transport to the airport, Pharmaserv Logistics offers you full service from one source. With maximum efficiency, since our storage facilities are located close to Frankfurt airport.


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