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Secondary packaging - Pharmaserv Logistics offers drug packaging in compliance with §13 of the German Medicines Act.

Changes in the dosage forms customary on the market and country-specific variations are causing pharmaceutical packaging to become more complex. Pharma manufacturers are having to tackle declining batch sizes in the end packaging.

Pharmaserv Logistics has a license to package medication (secondary packaging) as per §13 of the German Medicines Act. A packaging unit comprising modern equipment has been set up for this business area.
Its modular structure allows for maximum packaging flexibility: all vial sizes can be packed, for example, or country-specific data printed in line.

Pharmaserv Logistics takes over the packaging of those smaller orders which would be too complex for you as a pharma manufacturer due to set-up times and format changes - this eases the strain on you, particularly for smaller batches, and minimises specific packaging costs.

How you benefit from our manufacturing services:

  • Access to manufacturing space for repacking and reworking
  • Full logistics service from one source
  • GMP-compliant manufacturing documents
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