Packaging - the right package for your product.

Pharmaserv Logistics invariably packs your products in the best possible way. We draw on our profound knowledge of the extensive requirements in the pharma sector to advise you on the best choice of packaging and help you ensure that you meet all the regulatory requirements associated with transport packaging inspection and the corresponding validation processes.

Your products and the delivery method you choose determine our actions: from the best packaging for the chosen mode of transport, protection in transit for actively refrigerated truck transports, a package solution with dry ice to the construction of a passively refrigerated packaging element for airfreight.

If you work with a permanent inventory, we will gladly integrate your products into our packaging simulator's article database. This means your consignments can be planned even better and your freight costs optimised further by using precalculated packaging plans.

Serving your market – we not only provide several packaging solutions via our online shop and directly during the dispatch process, we also actively search for new, more economical packaging solutions.

Your advantages with Pharmaserv Logistics packaging:

  • Advice on the selection of packaging solutions
  • Identification of alternative, more economic packaging
  • Packaging procurement via our online shop or during the dispatch process
  • Various types of packaging and preconditioned cooling aggregates always available
  • Assistance with packaging verification

A packaging case study

Your challenge
You want the best possible packaging for your products in terms of temperature control and costs - also for mixed consignments.
You want to keep the costs as low as possible.
You need full service from one source.
Our solution
Definition of packaging suitable for your products that complies with your requirements in terms of temperature and destination
Automatic calculation of correct packaging and the best packing scheme by our packing simulator
Packaging always in stock
GMP-compliant and GDP-compliant service via just one contact