Pharma transports - sensitive products transported safely and reliably

You need reliable partners to cope with the increasing demands made of transport and delivery logistics throughout the pharma and biotech sectors. Pharmaserv Logistics transports your bulk, semi-finished and finished goods at controlled temperatures in audited vehicles or airfreight/seafreight containers. Compliance with the temperature ranges required for your products is monitored and documented throughout the transport.

The lead logistics provider network: Pharmaserv Logistics uses this network to handle GMP-compliant pharma transport in Germany, Europe, America and Asia and guarantees safe delivery and smooth management along your supply chain including your customs formalities, no matter whether you are sending your goods by air or by sea.

Pharmaserv Logistics can easily cover product quantities ranging from one package to a full truck with its audited and approved freight carriers. Well over 100 trucks of various sizes equipped for temperature ranges of 2 - 8 °C and 15 - 25°C have been inspected and approved.

With Pharmaserv Logistics, you can save yourself the necessity of making extensive freight queries, audits, quality assurance agreements and contracts and of monitoring transports. Focus all your attention on the design of your supply chain with just one contact.

Rely on our continuous temperature monitoring system and the GDP-compliant documentation of all your deliveries. Pharmaserv Logistics guarantees that these processes are invariably GDP-compliant by employing standardised communication and an established change control process.

How you benefit from our pharma transports:

  • Effort and expense reduced thanks to LLP concept
  • Full service from one source
  • Concentration on the supply chain design
  • Access to an international network of skilled, audited freight forwarders
  • Flexibility thanks to multi-modal distribution solutions
  • Conformity thanks to GDP-compliant processes and documentation

A distribution case study:

Your challenge
You are looking for a partner to distribute your sensitive products safely and reliably
You attach great importance to compliance and cost models that reflect the cost causes
Your supplier auditing resources are limited
You want to work with just one contact
You are looking for a partner who also provides innovative freight ideas
Our solution
An international, GDP-compliant network of qualified partners invariably offers the right transport solution
Carefully selected, extensively audited partners control all logistic processes
Just one round of negotiations, one audit and one contract- with Pharmaserv Logistics as your lead logistics provider. You receive full access to our audited suppliers, thus saving time and money.
Expert advice on structuring your supply chain and identifying new, more efficient freight routes