I would like more information about your company. Who should I contact?

If you need more detailed information, you are welcome to send us your query by e-mail to info@pharmaserv-logistics.de or call us on +49 (0) 6421 39 - 2800.

Where is Pharmaserv Logistics located?

The headquarters of Pharmaserv Logistics is located in Marburg, about 45 minutes by car from the Rhine-Main area. You will find details of how to get there online.

Are Pharmaserv Logistics' services limited to transporting pharmaceutical products?

No, we are rooted in contract logistics. We also offer comprehensive logistic services for the entire pharma and biotech sector. Find out more in the Platform and Platform Solutions sections.

Do you also provide logistic services outside Germany?

Yes, along with our core market in Germany/Europe, we also offer logistic solutions for North America, South America and Asia.

Our products are not yet available on the European market and we need advice on breaking into the market as well as a logistics site for our products. How can Pharmaserv Logistics help us?

We will gladly place our expertise at your disposal and help you at short notice with no obligation. If you need answers to more detailed questions, please contact the experts at Pharmaserv Logistics.

Can you also take on manufacturing tasks in compliance with GMP?

Yes, we have a manufacturing license for secondary packaging as per §13 of the German Medicines Act and can therefore manufacture external packaging on your behalf. You will find more details here.

Is your warehouse GMP-compliant?

Yes, all our warehousing complies with the highest GMP standards. You will find information about our licenses and certificates here.

I'm interested in working for Pharmaserv Logistics. Where can I apply?

You will find a list of jobs currently available at Pharmaserv Logistics at http://jobs.pharmaserv.de/. Alternatively, we look forward to receiving your speculative application at personal@pharmaserv.de.

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