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Marburg, 03.11.2017

Reliable deliveries an indicator of trust in pharmaceutical logistics.

Pharmaserv Logistics warehousing and distribution processes again scored top marks for reliability during client CSL Behring’s last business year. Outsourcing to experts can strengthen a company’s logistics and competitive position on the pharmaceutical market.

Reliable deliveries an indicator of trust in pharmaceutical logistics

Performance engenders trust

Pharmaserv Logistics has once again proven that “being an expert” pays off. At the annual performance meeting, it was announced that the Marburg-based pharmaceutical logistics company had again scored top marks for reliable delivery. With a so-called IFOTEF ((In Full, On Time, Error Free combined with Inventory Accuracy) of 99.76%, Pharmaserv Logistics showed just why its client CSL Behring has been relying on its competence for so many years. Pharmaserv Logistics has been responsible for storing this client’s pharmaceutical raw materials and active ingredients since 2006, and started storing its finished products in 2010.

These temperature-sensitive blood products are picked and packed in response to specific orders then distributed worldwide on behalf of CSL Behring. Pharmaserv Logistics’ expertise lies in the development and implementation of safe order handling processes, including choosing the most suitable packaging for dispatching orders by air freight. This is because packaging requirements can vary depending on the product, destination and season. These requirements are depicted in Pharmaserv’s own “packaging simulator”. The packaging to be used for the respective transport is selected and the optimum packaging plan simulated on the basis of the logistic data for the client's products and a previously defined packaging matrix. This means that air freight costs can be calculated and minimised at a very early stage. Alongside the service booked from the airline, air freight costs are largely determined on the basis of chargeable weight. Pharmaserv Logistics has various passive box solutions at its disposal, and also has a rolling track in its warehouse that facilitates the handling of standard active containers.

“We are convinced that our consistent performance will continue to secure our clients’ trust and hope that new clients will be inspired to entrust their temperature-sensitive warehouse logistics to us,” concluded Dr. Martin Egger, Vice President of Pharmaserv Logistics.

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