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arburg, 06.07.2016

Pharmaserv Logistics is again investing in warehousing and distribution for finished medicinal products that must be stored in a cold chain.

The handling of pharmaceuticals at temperatures from 2°-8°C is being further optimised by installing roller tracks at the logistics centre and converting existing GMP areas.

Pharmaserv Logistics cold storage facility

Pharmaserv Logistics cold storage facility

The pharmaceutical logistics and export experts at Pharmaserv Logistics are again investing in the company’s warehousing infrastructure. Due to the rising demand for refrigerated warehousing for pharmaceutical products that have to be stored at 2°-8°C, those in charge of Marburg site operator Pharmaserv’s new logistics brand have decided to implement additional new measures to meet market needs. This move is true to the company's brand promise, “Serving your market”.

The conversion of existing ambient storage areas in the second building section, that were previously kept at 15°-25°C, will in future free up around 900 additional storage spaces for products that must be kept at 2°-8°C.

The installation of roller tracks in the ambient area in the second building section means that it will in future also be possible to pack, secure and dispatch active airfreight containers such as Envirotainer® directly from the warehouse. “Handling goods through our central warehouse will reduce the interfaces in the airfreight chain. What’s more, we can offer our clients another solution in addition to passive airfreight delivery with compliant thermal delivery boxes – all from one source,” says Christoph Krug, Head of Logistics Planning & Projects.

Back in March 2016, the third building section was completed and Pharmaserv Logistics started operations at its “Central Pharma Distribution Center”. This central warehousing complex is equipped for storage at 15°-25°C or at 2°-8°C. From here, international pharmaceutical clients are receiving ever-increasing support in their efforts to penetrate and supply the European market.

Packaging airfreight for a client
Packaging airfreight for a client

After just three months in operation, the warehousing in the new building section has already been filled to around 50 percent of its capacity. “We are delighted by how well and quickly our newly constructed GDP warehouse and the associated services have been accepted by the market,” says Dr. Martin Egger, CEO of Pharmaserv Logistics.

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