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Airfreight Hub and Pharma Distribution Centre

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If you are a producer of pharmaceutical or biological products and would like to transport your temperature-sensitive finished pharmaceutical products around the world, or simply have it stored in line with the highest quality requirements.

Get ready to be impressed by our warehouse!

Our Airfreight Hub and Pharma Distribution Centre in Groß-Gerau is the ideal place for this. We are pleased to offer great prospects for your pharmaceutical distribution requirements!

At our modern state-of-the-art GxP warehouse, we provide storage and packaging services for blood products, vaccines and insulins in particular, and will export these goods to wholesalers, country affiliates and big end customers.

Worldwide distribution including airfreight packaging and x-ray services

An especially cool feature is our roller bed for handling actively cooled airfreight containers in an approved and temperature-controlled storage facility for pharmaceuticals.

Our wide range of different passive packaging boxes from various manufacturers allows for greater flexibility and cost optimisation in airfreight shipping.

We are a regulated agent and can therefore provide consistently save airfreight processes for known consignors. For everybody else, we offer a one-stop-solution for x-ray processing. Even products that require storage at between 2 and 8°C can be x-rayed at 15 to 25°C within less than 2 minutes!

You can handle distribution by land, air and sea freight via your own shipping companies, or benefit from our transport management services including customs clearance.

We are committed to security!

In addition to high quality standards and reliable services, we are also dedicated to security: This is why our site complex meets high security standards with a staffed gate, fencing, access control and video surveillance inside and outside the building.

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